Who We Are

Riverside Community Centre is an independent Charity offering, Community Resources, Training Opportunities, Internet Cafe, Community facilities, Professional and Private Room Hire for Conferences, Meetings – Community Groups – Internet Access free with Training Facilities for local Schools and Business and much much more.

Upcoming News and Events…..

Due to popular demand, more Adult Education Courses – FREE courses for individuals over 19 years old, unemployed or in low paid work. Find all the information on our document download page.

It’s back….Fish & Chips Friday starting 2nd February. Full information on our document download page.


Following the closure of Northcourt Primary School in October 2003, The Riverside Centre was established with refurbished and tailored facilities under the management of KCC. The main purpose of the Centre was and is, to maintain a focus for the local community with access to educational and social opportunities which will enhance skills, remove barriers to learning, improve health and well-being, raise educational standards and improve employability for all age groups within the local community. To help sustain this primary purpose, the Centre was also made available to other community groups and businesses for meetings, training and conferences to ensure economic viability and promote inclusion of a wider area and ethnic groups. The Riverside Board, which consisted of representatives from local government, the voluntary sector and the local community, worked closely with all stakeholders to achieve a joint vision. In April 2006, a company limited by guarantee was set up in preparation for becoming a Charitable Trust.  .

The New Trust

In April 2007 a new independent trust was set up and a new independent board appointed. The Board has a clear agreed mission, aims and definitions of its target beneficiaries.

The vision is to develop a Centre which is totally impartial, non denominational, multi-cultural, community focused and sustainable.

The new trust is called The Riverside Community Resource Trust. The make-up of the Board reflects the mix of the community living or working in the area and is accountable to the community. We are very lucky to have a very committed board with members drawn from a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and interests.

Charitable Status was successfully achieved in January 2008.

Other Information

Directions to Site :

By car: From M25 – M2 Canterbury – A227 Gravesend – A226 Dickens Road. If using a satellite navigation system the postcode is DA12 2JY (Dickens Road, Gravesend)
By bus: Arriva buses 490 and 480 from Gravesend Town Centre
By rail: Gravesend train station then an above bus or by foot but allow 30minutes

Riverside Staff :

Sue Pedrick – Centre Manager
Chongchin Sanguanpong – Finance Assistant
David Evans – Community Development Officer
Lesley Mancini – Catering Supervisor
Ian Jones – Technical Assistant
Mandy Mancini – Catering Assistant
Kieran Mancini – Catering Assistant
Ivor Mancini – Evening/Weekend Supervisor

Riverside Board Member:

Patricia Jefford – Chairman
Les Beven – Company Secretary
Alan Ridgers – Trustee
David Mead – Trustee
Shirley Whatmough – Trustee

Parking Provisions :

There is ample supply of free onsite parking including overflow parking facilities at the back of the building as well as being able to park on the grass areas during busy times (note: during wet weather this is not advisable) There are numerous disability parking bays, when using these bays please ensure that blue badges are on display.

Entrance to the Building :

The site boasts a number of security features including an automatic door entrance system which is answered by staff once the door bell has been pressed. The bell (grey button) can be found at the main entrance door on the left hand side, under the centre’s opening times board. The building is open for public admittance at 8.30am daily and weekends by pre-booked appointments.

Catering and Refreshments :

If requested, course refreshments will be set up in the training room providing replenished tea and coffee throughout the duration of the hire. Please note contents of the jugs and the serving plates will be hot and can cause scalding/burns if not used correctly.

If requested, course buffets will also be provided in the training room. Note serving plates will be hot and can cause burns if not used correctly.

If there has been no catering/refreshment provisions made a catering outlet operating in the hall is available, offering a wide range of snacks, meals and drinks all reasonable priced.

Fire Alarms :

The fire alarms are tested on a regular basis, predominately on a Monday morning or at times when the building is at its least busy or empty, any changes to this staff will inform the trainer/group of the pending alarm.

In the event of fire the alarm will sound – it is very loud and clear. The trainer is to assemble their group at the assembly point which is on the field using the nearest fire exit. There are 5 fire exits around the building, one at the end of each corridor, the main entrance door and the exit in the hall.

First Aid :

If in need of first aid please report to main reception area where a member of staff will assist in your needs.

Electrical Equipment :

Any electrical equipment used to aid the delivery of training should display a valid green PAT sticker.

Building Etiquette :

There could be a number of other rooms in use during your visit delivering training or meetings, please ensure that movement around the building is with minimal noise.

Smoking :

The Riverside Centre is a non-smoking building. Anyone wishing to smoke may do so outside the building. Please remember not to smoke near open doors or windows and to dispose cigarette ends appropriately.

Toilets :

There are toilet provisions for male and female as well as 3 specific disability toilet areas.

Access :

The whole building is accessible and is wheelchair friendly.